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Freewing JAS-39 Gripen 80mm EDF Jet Thrust Vector Upgrade Set

Brand: Freewing
Product Code: FJ21811011
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This Thrust Vector Upgrade Set is intended for advanced pilots only because it significantly widens the potential agility of the stock Freewing 80mm JAS 39 Gripen. Roll rate, yaw control, and elevator authority are all increased. The aircraft will be able to depart conventional flight patterns very quickly and enter into, for example, a flat spin maneuver, so user caution is urged.

Factory molded and painted with pre-installed servos, this Upgrade Set's installation into your Freewing 80mm JAS 39 Gripen requires basic modeling skills including cutting and gluing. Additional radio transmitter setup including mixing and channel assignment is also required, and the sole responsibility of the customer. We highly recommend programming the Thrust Vector mixing to a separate On/Off switch on your radio transmitter, so pilots can disable the Thrust Vector during flight if ever needed.



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