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Mayatech Control Surface Throws Ruler Adjusting Tool For RC Airplane

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This adjustment ruler solves the problem that it is generally difficult to adjust the Control Surface Throws of fixed-wing aircraft. It provides a high-precision adjustment solution for sports enthusiasts and fans who require higher precision flight. It can be applied to balsa fixed wing, EPO fixed wing or aerial survey unmanned aerial vehicle with higher precision.

- A sponge is attached to the inside of the jaws, which can effectively protect the rudder surface of the fixed wing from damage.

- The maximum opening and closing supports 20mm, which can support most of the fixed wing control surface size.

- The angle measurement range is 0-80 degrees, covering all angles required for aerobatics.

- The pointer is sharp, and both sides can read the value very accurately.

- Built-in bearings, more smooth and reduce errors.

- CNC machining of all aluminum alloy, anodized surface treatment, no fading, corrosion resistance.



- Material: Aluminum Alloy

- Color: Black

- Dimension: 78mm x 90mm x 24.4mm

- Weight: 30g

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