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Sonic Model Baby AR Wing Pro FPV Flying Wing PNP Version

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Introducing the Baby AR Wing PRO, the latest addition to Sonicmodell's lineup of FPV flying wings. This compact and portable flying wing is a smaller version of the popular AR Wing PRO, catering to pilots seeking the freedom to fly anywhere, anytime.

Crafted with premium EPP material, the Baby AR Wing PRO boasts a wingspan of 682mm (26.85") and a length of 320mm (12.59"). The PNP Version comes equipped with a powerful 1406-3800KV motor, a 30A ESC with 5V 2A BEC, and two 4.3g servos, delivering impressive performance.
The Baby AR Wing PRO features a detachable main wing, allowing for easy assembly without the need for glue. This feature enhances its portability for outdoor flying. The wing also houses a spacious battery bay, accommodating a Lipo 3S up to 2200mAh or a 3S 18650 pack (flat type) for extended flight time. Additionally, it offers a nose camera bay compatible with various HD cameras available in the market.

A standout feature of the Baby AR Wing PRO is its aerodynamic design, which includes an FPV bay on both sides of the wing and a highly efficient NACA air cooling system, ensuring optimal performance of the FPV gear. Its unique "FlexiLock" hinges design provides smooth and friction-free movement to the control surfaces.

Designed for agility and responsiveness, the Baby AR Wing PRO incorporates a high-accuracy ball link control system and built-in CF rod in the ailerons for precise and sharp control. The "AeroGuard" servo built-in structure protects the servo and arm from impact, while the molded "CG" bump beneath the wing allows for better center of gravity adjustment.

With a maximum speed of 100km/h (with SONICMODELL power combo) and a recommended maximum take-off weight of 470 grams (with SONICMODELL power combo), the Baby AR Wing PRO is an impressive flying machine suitable for various flying styles and environments. Its compact size delivers excellent performance in a portable package.

In conclusion, the Baby AR Wing PRO is a high-performance aircraft that combines portability, durability, and outdoor flying capabilities. With its impressive features and specifications, it guarantees an exhilarating flying experience for pilots of all skill levels.


- The Baby AR Wing PRO, a high-performance aircraft and sibling of the AR Wing PRO, offers portability and is perfect for outdoor flying.

- Its aerodynamic design features an FPV bay on both sides of the wing, supported by a highly efficient NACA air cooling system.

- The detachable main wing enables glue-free assembly and convenient transportation.

- The high-accuracy ball link control system ensures quick and agile response during control.

- Built-in CF rods in the ailerons provide precise and sharp control action.

- The "AeroGuard" servo built-in structure safeguards against impacts.

- The "FlexiLock" hinges enable natural and friction-free movement of control surfaces.

- The aircraft is constructed from durable EPP material with a pre-built CF spar for enhanced stability and crash resistance.

- The nose camera bay is compatible with various HD cameras available in the market.

- The large battery bay allows for extended flight time and accommodates various Flight Controllers.

- The molded "CG" bump beneath the wing enables improved center of gravity adjustment.

- The optimized air-cooling design prevents overheating of onboard gear.



- Material: High-Quality EPP

- Wingspan: 682mm ( 26.85in )

- Length: 320mm (12.59in )

- Motor: 1406-3800KV Outrunner Motor ( Installed )

- ESC: 30A with 5V/2A BEC ( Installed )

- Servos: 4.3g Servo x 2 ( Installed )

- Propeller: 4 x 2.5  2 Blade Propeller ( Include )

- Battery: Lipo 3S 11.1v up to 2200mAh or 3S 18650 pack Flat Type  ( Not Include )

- Radio Control: 4 - 6 ch ( Not Include )





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