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- The best gyro with metal case for both glow & electric plane. - Support: Single / Double Aileron plane.- Easily switchable within AVCS mode,Normal mode and Gyro Off mode.- Good preformance for 3D flight without undermining stability.- Compact design & light weight...

- Integrated With 3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer.- The auto balance function could avoid exploding and especially helpful for beginners.- One key to return safely when the distance is too far or out of control.- Can be set up to return your plane on the fail-safe of ..
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 - Support for 4-axis 6-axis Multirotor , "+" and "X".- Built in IMU , containing 9-aixs AHRS.- PWM output frequency: 400HZ- Accurate constant altitude and fixed point.- Reliable headless mode- The atitlude calibration frequency of main control increa..