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G.T. Power 15V 16A 240 Watt Power Supply ( AC 220V ) New
 - Input: AC 220V - Output Voltage:15V - Output Current: 16A - Maximum Power: 240W - USB Output: 5V 1A - Dimension: 178mm x 120mm x 56mm..

 - For the real display of the RC model battery voltage and the lowest voltage record and the setup of the low voltage alarm , as well as prop RPM. - High precision display of individual cell voltage (1 - 6S shows separately) and the total voltage. - With the speci..

G.T. Power A8 Balance Charger / Discharger New
 - Optimised operating software. - High-power and high-performance circuit. - Individual voltage balancer for Lithium batteries inside. - Balance individual cells on discharge. - Accept various types of Lithium battery like Lilo/ Lipo/ LiFe. - Lithium battery 'Fast' and '..

G.T. Power Aircraft Simulated Sounds & Light System V2 For RC Airplane New
 - This system has the stronger sounds synthesis and high-efficiency amplifier. - Equip with the fantastic loudspeaker box which can bring to the perfect and simulated effect. - Bulit-in variety of sounds simulation,up to 19 groups. - The firmware can be updated via the computer software..

G.T. Power B405 45W Pocket Charger ( 1S - 4S ) New
 The G.T. Power B405 Pocket Charger is one of the smallest field chargers around. Micro chargers usually only offer single battery type charging capabilities, however the B405 offers all the functionality of your regular charger in a pocket sized package, weighing in at only 110 grams ! ..

G.T. Power Li-Po Battery Tester and USB Charger New
 This innovative product from GT Power is two devices in one - a one to six cell LiPo battery tester and a USB connected device charger. Plug any 2S to 6S LiPo battery into this handy device and you have an instant portable charger for a USB connected mobile device. Charge your cell phone..

 This device used a high-power electronic switches MOST pipe, the device can be used as electronic ignition, smoke and other power electronic devices pull switch, lighting control systems, switches, camera shutter control, and other control power, current, signals switch occasions.&nb..

 - Simple to install. - Simulates a realistic lighting setup for airplanes and helis. - 600mm lead length makes it compatible with aircraft up to .60 size.- Detailed instructions with images make this kit even easier to use. - Eight modes of op..

 - Simulates the realistic lighting of real aircraft. - Low voltage detection, when the battery voltage is lower than 6.8V, all lights flash. - 8 lights, red anti-collision lights, white flashing lights, navigation lights and landing lights. - 8 oper..