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Balsa & Fiberglass Planes

Balsa & Fiberglass Planes
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1.3M Wizardry 3D Balsa Plane Kit Version -33%
- Material: Balsa wood & Film Covering.- Wingspan: 1300mm ( 51.2in )- Length: 950mm ( 37..
US$89.98 US$59.98
1.68M Fully Composite Epoxy Seawind Kit Version With Motor -19%
 - With Fully Composite Molding Construction.- High Structural Strength.- Super Qua..
US$369.99 US$299.99
 The AFA Extra 330L 30EP Is Constructed Of Top Quality Balsa, Overlaid With Excellent C..
 - Length : 1160mm (45.7in)- Wing Span : 860mm (33.9in)- Flying Weight : 1100g - 14..
 - Material: Fibreglass Fuselage & Balsa Wing - Wing Span : 2680mm ( 10..
OK Model Veltro EP Fibreglass Sport Plane Kit Version -25%
- Fibreglass Fuselage & Film Covered Wing- High Structural Strength- Super Quality- ..
US$169.98 US$126.98
 - Easy to build and fly electric plane.- Strong, light-weighted all balsa wood constru..
- Easy to build and fly electric Plane.- Strong, light-weighted all wood construction.- Equi..
  - Easy To Assembly.- Fibre Glass Fuselage.& Balsa Wing.-..
- Fibreglass Fuselage.- Fiberglass Canopy.- Film Covered Balsa Wing.- High Structural St..